Humble Beginnings


Twisted Throttle Coffee Roasters was born out of the desire for a new challenge.  With 15 years of experience in the coffee serving industry, we wanted to open the door to a different facet of the coffee business.  Roasting the coffee ourselves was the natural answer.


So, in 2018, we bought some green coffee beans and a popcorn machine to try our hand at roasting them.  Due to the secretive nature of coffee recipes and techniques, we had to learn on our own the intricacies of building a decent coffee profile. Once we got the basics down, we invested in an actual coffee roaster. 


From there, we meticulously narrowed down the profiles for each of our roasts to perfection.  Two more roaster upgrades were added in the next couple years, allowing us to produce more coffee to keep up with the demand.  We also needed to purchase a delivery van, because up to that point we had been trying to make the deliveries in our own personal vehicles.  Since then, we have added a myriad of blends and single origin roasts to our repertoire, as well as other café necessities including flavored sauces and syrups, teas, mixing powders, smoothie bases, and more.


Although it’s been an insane journey going from roasting beans in a popcorn machine to what we are today, we’ve still made it a point to stick to our roots.  Producing quality coffee and having a good time doing it was how we started this business, and we have maintained that attitude ever since. 

Jon Chancy



"A cowboy stays on the job until the job is done, no matter how dark it is outside."

Megan Seroogy

Operation Manager


Operations Manager

" You can take the girl out of Wisconsin but you can never take the Wisconsin out of the girl!"

Tom Johnson


Assistant Roaster

"What Should your quote be TJ? "

"Google Einstien quotes and pick the fourth one 

   'If you can't explain it simply, you dont understand it well enough.' "

Tisa Newbury

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Marketing Manager

"If you are successful its because somewhere, someone believed in you."

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